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A couple of years ago, I worked briefly with an NA (Narcotics Anonymous) program in Machakos, where I was providing counselling and case management services. During the recruitment for the position, the recruiter asked me whether I had been an addict. I responded that I hadn’t, and then asked him why this was important. He explained to me that for programs like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA, they prefer that the counsellors be recovered addicts, as these professionals would be in a better position to empathise with their clients and understand the nuances of what they were experiencing.

The same is true for many professions. A teacher who, as a child, struggled to read or comprehend their studies, is likely to be more patient with a student who struggles. Even when giving directions, a person with a good sense of direction is less likely to be patient while explaining directions to a person who doesn’t seem to get it.

We generally empathise more easily with situations in which we have struggled. This blog celebrates the successes and explores the challenges that business owners face; because I face, or have faced the same challenges. This is going to be under the category business forum, while I shall write personal posts under the category personal posts.

About Me

I write, and I do so with immense enjoyment. I believe in working from a place of inner rest; where my work is an expression of the talents and ideas gifted to me by my Father. My main areas of writing are: web articles, blog posts and Social Media posts. I have written a few magazine articles and would definitely like to get more of those, as well as a newspaper column and a book (which is currently, mostly a title and a preface 🙂 ).

I use written content to market businesses, and being an intensely dynamic and ever-changing field, it provides for a lot of reading and research as well.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Education; English & Literature and Guidance & Counselling, and I’m looking to study both Psychology and Communications, some more.

I am a mom to a lovely girl named Ella who I enjoy 🙂 and love to write about as well.

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