Running a business has increasingly become about the conversations that you have (Click to Tweet this). Conversations that you have as a business, the ones that you have as the business owner, the ones that your team has both with your clients and among themselves, as well as the conversations that your business and team have online. 

There are numerous online platforms through which your business can have conversations with your market. These include: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Periscope, Google+, and many more. It is okay for your business to play favourites among the various Social Media platforms and not be on all of them. In fact, it may not be a good idea for your business to be on all Social Media platforms, but would be best to choose and focus on the few that will work exceptionally well for you. 

How to Choose your Platforms

The choice of your business’ Social Media is based on a number of factors, most important of which is, ‘Where your ideal client is hanging out?’ To help answer this question, it is important to have as clear a picture as possible of the client that you’d like to work with. As you continue to work with clients and grow your business, this picture will become clearer, and there are times when it may even change altogether. Be open to flexibility. 

How to Engage with your Audience

The most important elements when engaging with your audience on Social Media, is to keep it conversational. One of the challenges is that some of the Social Media posts that we read, sometimes sound mechanical and forced. When users read your business’ Social Media posts, its much cooler when they get the sense that you enjoy what you do, enjoy engaging with them, and would enjoy providing them with the product or service in which you specialise. Managing your business’ Social Media can sometimes seem like a balancing act, as I shared in this Facebook post, but thankfully, as you continue to get the hang of it, it flows easier. So keep at it, keep growing, and if you need help with it, let us know

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