Meet Caroline

Caroline is the founder of, and Head of Projects at, ACE Writing Solutions. She has been working with business owners for over five years. This begun with articles for business owners’ websites and has extended over the years, to writing for business blogs, creating websites, and managing social media accounts for business owners. In 2014, she began to recruit other professionals to work with her on an as-needed basis.

Caroline is passionate about, and loves to share about:

  • Helping business owners to use that which they have in their hands right now, to help achieve their goals
  • Various aspects of wholeness and wellness; such as identity, freedom from condemnation, and so on

Her Bachelor’s Degree is in Educational Psychology – specifically, Education, Guidance & Counselling and English & Literature. Her favourite drink is Blackcurrant Ribena, followed quite closely by cold milk. She has watched this video numerous times, has watched the movie Inception seven times, and thoroughly enjoys listening to grace-inspired teachings, as well as the Dramatised Audio Bible.

You may find her personal social media accounts via the icons below: