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Effective Customer Experience in Business

Your client’s customer experience begins the moment they hear about your business for the first time. What did they hear, and from whom? There are aspects of this that you as the business owner will not be able to affect but thankfully, there is a huge chunk of your customer’s experience on which you can have an effective and positive effect. These include:

1. Your Story 

Your business’ website is a great platform on which to tell your story. Some aspects of your story include: 

  • What does your business do? 
  • What does your business believe in?
  • What is your mission?
  • Who are you helping/serving?

This is important whether the user has heard positive or negative things about your business. If they’ve heard negative things, your website is a great avenue through which to demonstrate to them what your business is REALLY about (Click to Tweet this). And if they’ve heard positive things, the same website is an opportunity to reinforce that which they’ve heard and possibly, demonstrate that it gets even better! 

2. Your Message 

What do you talk about when meeting with clients? Asked a different way, if you were given twenty minutes to make a presentation to people who are willing, able, and ready to immediately buy your product or service, what would your presentation look like? This is your message. 

Your business’ social media accounts provide an effective platform on which to consistently and effectively speak your message. This helps you to enhance the customer’s experience with your business as:

  • They consume the helpful and valuable content that you create and share
  • You respond to their inquiries with effectiveness and grace
  • They observe the way you interact with other clients and businesses

3. Feedback

Feedback is a valuable tool for every business. It: 

  • Lets you know exactly how the client has experienced your business, product, or service; without any bias on your part as the business owner
  • Provides you with valuable insight into what areas can be improved upon
  • Enables you to know which aspects of your business your clients are enjoying the most

To be even more effective with a future customer, it is a good idea to consider and receive the feedback you receive from past and current clients (Click to Tweet this).

Some business owners may be apprehensive about feedback mechanisms because there are some people who will not deliver feedback in an objective and helpful manner. It therefore serves the business owner well: 

  • To receive the feedback itself, as opposed to receiving its delivery
  • To focus on the content of the message and not the manner in which it is delivered. 

This helps the business owner to effectively address the issue that is brought to his attention, and not the emotion behind the issue. 

As the Business Owner, purpose to:

  1. Give customers every opportunity to experience your business positively; through your website, social media, products, services, and everything in between (Click to Tweet this).
  2. Create an effective feedback mechanism that gives your clients the opportunity to provide you with objective and helpful feedback. 
  3. Receive and address feedback objectively, focusing on the content of the feedback, not the emotion behind it.


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