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What’s your thing, though?

Many of us are very familiar with other people’s things. For instance, we may have a high level of familiarity with the way another person runs their business or their household, with the way another person manages their social media accounts, or even with the way another person parents; but what’s your thing, though?

In business, there is some emphasis on looking at what one’s competition is doing and then trying to outdo them, or trying to do better, faster, with less cost to the business, or with less cost to the consumer. But what’s your thing, though? What if we began to emphasise that instead?

Whatever the other business is doing, regardless of whether their business is closely related to yours or not, that’s their thing. So, what’s your thing?

It’s all right if you don’t comprehensively answer this question right now. It only shows a need to divert your attention from external to internal; and ask, “As a business owner, what do I want to achieve? Who do I want to reach? What is my message?” It probably won’t happen all at once, but you will get the answers that you’re looking for.

It is when you shift your focus from your competition to your business and your customers, that you are able to more effectively meet the needs of your customers.

Understand that you have your own rhythm and flow, and your business has got it’s own rhythm and flow. Allow yourself and your business to flow and grow in your unique rhythm, and not in the rhythm of any other business that you may be looking at.

We’re not saying that it isn’t good to have a goal. By all means, have a goal! The error would be in trying to fit your business into the mold of another business. As a business owner, you have your own dream of what you want to achieve with your business. And the more you grow your business internally, without disregarding any lessons that you learn externally, the more you and your business will achieve your goals.

What is your dream for you and your business, today? Comment in the section below. And to check out more posts in the business forum, click here.



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