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Tall, Regal, Resplendent

It’s a beautiful dress. Of this, there is no debate. Its beauty and style has never been in question. You bought it a few years ago and wore it to that wedding; then afterward, you wore it to a few other events. You looked resplendent in it. You loved the way it felt against your skin, the way it fit you just right, the way it felt so deliciously feminine.

It’s been a year now. A year since you hang this dress up in your closet. A year since you took it out for a ride on the town. A year since it has seen the sun. During this year, the dress has continued to stand tall in your closet; regal and resplendent, just like you knew it would. There’re times when you still think about it. While getting ready for work last Tuesday, you arm brushed against it as you were reaching for your coat. The dress caught your eye and in that moment, all the memories came back. You saw it and thought about how long it’s been since you last  wore it and that maybe you could do something about it. You were in a hurry last Tuesday because your coffee was going cold and you wanted to check in on your kids before you left for work. You were a little rushed, and so this thought was left hanging.

This is the where that thought finds a landing. For this dress, those pants, that shirt and those shoes that you don’t even remember you own, there has been a high influx of families coming in from Sudan to run and save their loved ones from the conflict in their country. They’re coming into Kenya and finding haven in camps such as the ones in Dadaab and Kakuma. They’re coming in with just the shirts on their backs, and for some, not even that. For them, this dress; tall, regal and resplendent, is so much more than a dress; it’s a valuable resource (Click to Tweet). It may be the very first piece of clothing that she has. That shirt or blouse will cover up the vulnerability of a 12-year-old girl who is at this moment, having to walk naked in a camp where there are thousands of people.

The Lutheran World Foundation has committed human and other resources to provide for the safety and needs of these families, but they can’t do it by themselves. They own a finite number of dresses, shirts, pants and shoes, but with you adding yours to the pile, the pile gets substantially more majestic. They’re even willing to come and transport the dress from your location.

For that pair of shoes and item of clothing that you haven’t worn in a year, transform it into a valuable resource and find it a home. Call the Lutheran World Federation’s Hellen through this number 0721 281 758 and organise for the dress or shirt to get picked up. She’s expecting your call.



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