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Dominion in 2016

2016 lies ahead; to be taken, to be lived, to be dominion’ed.

I feel like a lot of us go into new experiences with the idea that they need to stealthily check the corners to see whether there are harmful things ready to jump them and bite them in the bottom. New experiences in general but mostly, the New Year.

May you go into this New Year triumphant; with the knowledge that goodness and mercy is pursuing you always: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Every. Single. Day.

Stride confidently into the New Year; confident that your Father has got you in His arms and that He answers your prayers exceedingly, abundantly, above all that you could ever ask or imagine. And considering how big an imagination you’ve got, that’s a whole lot!

There may be things up ahead about which you are uncertain. There may be things that you would have liked to accomplish this year and didn’t. There may be new experiences that you want to delve into in 2016 and yet feel hesitant because they are new and sometimes ‘new’ can be scary. Your life may have entered/ or may be entering a new chapter….Whatever it is for you this year, delve into it, confident that your Father loves you.

We often hear that phrase, but I don’t think that most of us really know and believe it. To be honest, I really didn’t, until I bombarded my senses with this truth. When you know that God loves you, when you see God as a Dad, when you see that God is always on your side, when you see that God is ever present and that you do not need to go to Him as an unapproachable force who may or may not hear you; when you know and believe that God wants you to succeed and be well, even more than you want to succeed and be well… When you know and believe that your Father loves you, every fear releases its hold over you. (Click here to Tweet this Thought)

For many, your relationship with your earthly father tends to colour your vision of your relationship with your heavenly Father, to some degree. If your view of your father is that of a man whose love and acceptance you have to earn, then you are likely to try and earn God’s acceptance and love. But God gives all things freely. Consider this: He gave you Christ, before you were born, before the foundations of the earth were in place, God had already given His own Son as a sacrifice for your sins. He decided that He didn’t want to have a Heaven without you. Did you earn that? Nope. You weren’t even born, yet. The earth hadn’t even been made yet (Rev 13:8), when He made the provision for your acceptance.

In the same vein, He embraces you without you having to earn it. You can approach Him without ceremony; you do not need to wait until you have “behaved well”, you do not have to wait until He “is in a good mood”. When you are in Christ, God looks at you and sees Christ. He looks at you and sees you righteous. He loves you. He loves you the same way that He loves His Son, Jesus. That’s big time love.

Dare I say that most of the struggles we face are because we do not know and believe how much God loves us. When one feels loved, they are unlikely to go out and look for love and acceptance in all the wrong places. When one feels loved and treasured, they are more likely to see and treat themselves like the treasure they now know they are.

So my challenge to you is this, bask in the Father’s love for you. Call Him Father; call Him Dad; call Him Abba; call Him Daddy God. Approach Him as you would if you knew for certain that He loves and accepts you the way you are; and is willing and able to give you all things. (Considering He gave you His only Son to go through the worst experience ever so that you’d get to hang out with Him in Heaven, this really isn’t a stretch). Listen to anointed music that focuses on His love for you. Listen to anointed teachings that focus on God’s love for you and little by little, you’ll come to believe it more and more; and with this knowledge, you will reign in life.

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