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Customers and Non-customers

Here’s a recent tweet from Kim Walsh-Phillips @KWalshPhillips (Social Media Aficionado),

 “Tip: Current customers should be treated better than non-customers and made to feel special for choosing to do business with you.”

I see this is as a valuable reminder to entrepreneurs. It is a key component of business that, even though it sounds rather obvious, the truth is that as entrepreneurs, we are often so focused on getting the next client, that we sometimes fail to focus as much special attention as we need to, to the customers we already have.

An example of this, for many businesses, is in Social Media Management. Most business owners are focused on getting more followers on twitter, more ‘likes’ on Facebook, more connections on LinkedIn, and so on. The focus is aimed squarely at ‘the next’. What about the current? What are you doing with the followers that you already have on Twitter, the connections that you’ve already made on LinkedIn, and the ‘likes’ that you already have on Facebook? These are your current connections; how are you serving them? In what way are you providing value to them?

One of the complaints that I here most often among business owners with regard to Social Media, is that the business owner is not able to make money from it. I have spoken to a number of entrepreneurs who aren’t investing in Social Media, because in their view, it doesn’t bring in any money. I have also had experiences with business owners who manage their Social Media accounts for one or two months and then stop, because in their view, these accounts aren’t bringing in any business.

For me, Social Media goes beyond making money. Yes, making money is important, and it is important that your business Social Media accounts be designed to convert visitors into customers. It goes further than this though. Social Media has provided an opportunity for businesses to create relationships with their market, with other experts in the industry, as well as other experts in related industries. When you drill down to the bedrock of every successful business, you’ll find that it is based on focused, fruitful relationships. Social Media has provided a means for businesses to engage with hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis. And the way to do this is to provide valuable Social Media content to the fans and followers that you already have.

Start with:

  1. A content strategy: This is basically an outline that answers the questions; “How? When? How often? Where? What? To whom? Why/ For what purpose?”
  2. A Social Media Management tool that allows you to schedule posts ahead of time
  3. A commitment to it.

If you need help developing content for your business on Social Media, I can help. Contact me, here.



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