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I Write

I write for different reasons.
Sometimes I write because if I don’t, I’m not able to sit still.
Sometimes I write because it’s the only way to quiet the voices in my head.
Sometimes I write because there’s a train of thought running helter-skelter in my head, and I need to get it out and see what it looks like when it’s organised.

I write to people,
I write to myself.
I write about people, about events.

I write letters:
Some that are never going to be read,
Some that will be read in years to come,
And some letters that are read by strangers.

I write poems,
I write songs whose melody I don’t even hear in my head.

I write to create,
I write to sell,
I write to market,

I write to for a whole lot of reasons,
to a whole lot of audiences,
towards a whole lot of purposes.

This is what I do;
This is who I am;
I write.


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