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Confidence…in Self? My Take

I have weaknesses; glaring ones. I have weaknesses that make yours look like they’re still toddlering; playing the slide-set on a playground. These weaknesses are never too far from my mind which is why I struggle with the concept of self confidence. I know my self too well for me to place confidence there. {Stay with me, this is going somewhere, I promise}

The self wavers all the time. Well, at least, mine does. One day my self is all honky-dory and smiling at strangers, the next, my self wants to smash my phone against a sturdy tree because the Internet connection is low. The self is incredibly unreliable, which is why the thought slipped into my mind recently, that it may actually be wiser to put my confidence in God. This is probably why God has placed us in Christ (2 Cor 5:21), because He knows that if we look at ourselves as our selves apart from Christ, we’re likely to despair.

So, what if, rather than place our confidence in our selves, we placed all our confidence in Christ? Is it possible that maybe, we would experience greater stability both emotionally and psychologically; because our confidence would be in He who is unshakeable? Is it possible that, rather than feel overwhelmed by responsibilities at home and/or at work, we would be able to trust that God has got it all handled? That He’s got it all under control? Is it possible that we would stop trying so hard to fix family relationships in our own limited strength, and trust that God is working, not just on the relationship, but in the relationship and within us, to restore those relationships to far better than we would have even imagined?

Could it be, that having confidence in God, trusting in Him; would give you a more confident demeanor, a confident stride; because you’d know that He who created the entire universe has got all His attention focused on you? Focused; on loving you, blessing you, giving to you.

Put your confidence in/on that which is unshakeable.

“Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD himself, is the Rock eternal.”

~Isaiah 26:4


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