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Believe Good Things about Yourself

Funny thing about motivation, it’s not a one-size-fits-all thing. We’re all motivated by different things and ironically, this is what, sometimes, causes a lot of contention between people: the belief that everybody else should think like we do, or see the world in the same way that we do. The belief that our children should be motivated by the same things that motivate us, or be motivated by the same things that motivate their siblings.

I have met people who see people as an individuals, and not as a group, or representative of a group. Meeting with such people is always tremendously refreshing, because they see me. I don’t know about you, but I have found that to be quite rare; being seen the way that I am, not the way I’m supposed to be. There are people who look at us and see inadequacy, and when you get used to information like this, you don’t even notice when you start to think of yourself in those terms too.

Then, blessedly, one day you hear or see something that wakes up your consciousness. Maybe something in a book, an audio message, a song, a tweet or a poem. You hear something and it nudges something within you. Just a nudge, not fireworks. Your consciousness wakes up, and it feels like a slow motion film; where you were folded in the fetal position and are now starting to get up. It doesn’t happen suddenly; it’s more of an unfolding; like the blooming of a flower – slow, deliberate and beautiful. And the more you believe different, good things about yourself, the more you bloom; and the more you bloom, the greater your desire to bloom and consequently, the greater your desire to believe good things about yourself. It’s one of those beautiful cycles that feeds itself.


There will always be negative voices in your ear. Voices that make you feel inadequate; like you are not doing enough, not doing well enough, not producing enough fruit, not keeping up very well. It could be the news, a talk show, an article in a magazine, a book, a well-meaning friend or loved one; these voices will always be there, and they usually mean well.

The real tragedy though, is when these voices become your voice, in your own head; and because you’re in your head all the time, you begin to believe that you are inadequate. This feeling of inadequacy may cause you to believe that there is no point in doing, or being. Let this not be your reality. Don’t let these voices define you. Don’t let them become your voice. Don’t be mean to you. Be your own encourager.

The key to not letting those voices define you is to counter them by filling your mind with positivity and light. To feed your mind with information that is wholesome, and that builds you up. Let the positivity overpower the negativity. Feed on it daily, and let it fortify you. Bloom and blossom, against all odds.

Personally, my go-to material is audio, because I can feed on it anywhere; on the bus, at home while doing chores, while watching TV…yes, sometimes I do need to have something playing in the background while I watch some non-engaging TV. I’m a fan of audio because I can play it in the background while I am engaged in other activities. My go-to list includes an audio, dramatic-version Bible, music that is Christ-centred, and messages that speak of God’s grace. This is my personal choice because in moments like those, when I am thinking of my own inadequacies, I like to turn the focus on how complete, whole and adequate Christ is. I like to turn the focus from myself. When my attention turns to the completeness of Christ, I am more acutely aware of my completeness in Him. The Bible says that we are in Christ; and since He is whole, we are whole in Him, even when we don’t feel like we are.

  • Be an encourager.
  • Endevour to see each person as a complete individual.
  • Build people up.
  • Feed your mind with good, wholesome messages.
  • Tell yourself good things.

You are whole, you are good; not because of your circumstances, but because God said so.

  • Side notes:
    I am a scholar and enthusiast of psychological health; it is an area in which I desire to study further, practice at some level; volunteer, perhaps; and publish.
  • If you’d like more information on the audio material that I’ve mentioned, please write to me, and I’ll let you know how to access it. It’s all free, it’s all online, and it’s not mine 😀
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