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Simplifying Business Systems

The concept of business systems may seem complicated and abstract. It has certainly seemed like that to me, in the past. In reality however, business systems basically refer to the way in which you do things. For instance:

  • The way in which you acquire a new client
  • The way you communicate with your client
  • How you send and follow-up on invoices
  • How you reach out to people who have never heard of you
  • How you handle inquiries
  • How you manage potential customers who may have doubts about hiring you
  • How you manage Social Media
    et cetera

In one way or other, every aspect of your business has got a system or procedure that guides it.

Now that you know that your business has already got systems, the next step is to start writing things down. Sounds easy enough, right? The truth is though, that we rarely write things down. Moe often than not, an idea occurs to us, and we decide that we’re going to ‘write it down later’. When ‘later’ comes, we’re likely to have already forgotten that which we wanted to make note of. A good way to circumvent this, is to make a note of it on your phone. Alternatively, for the old-fashioned among us, you may write it on a white board in your work-space. I would advise against using sticky-notes because in my experience, those things get lost, often! Or forgotten. Personally, I write my notes on a wall, using a piece of chalk. It’s old-fashioned, but I like having it clearly visible so that I am able to refer to it fast. Also, it’s easy to wipe off.

As you write, be sure to take your time with it. Over time, your business has developed numerous systems. It is therefore unlikely that you’ll be able to make note of it all, in a single sitting. Instead, use a book, within which you can set aside three sheets of paper for each system. For instance, three sheets for the Client-Acquisition Process, three for Managing Creditors, three for Social Media Management, and so on. Then, during the process of managing each task, you may list down the different steps, on the relevant sheets of paper. For instance, when you’re acquiring a new client, write down the steps that you used, the questions that they had, and how you managed their questions.

Why is it Important to make Clear notes of your processes?

1. You won’t need to go back to square one, every time you need to execute a process.

For instance, I recently started to post on Social Media on behalf of Intuo Designs. As I begun, I needed to develop a strategy; and since I was familiar with the systems that I have used in the past, I was able to refer to the notes that I’d made in the past, which now acts as a loose check-list. I don’t have to begin at Square One.

2. You won’t miss anything

When you have a written list, you’re unlikely to overlook anything. instead, you will be more likely effectively personalise the process, and tailor it to the new circumstances, and the new client.

3. Vacations!!

When you have your business processes clearly noted down, you are able to leave the running of your business to a team that you trust, and go on vacation. It’s easy to delegate, when you can trust that the people you’re leaving your business to, know how to be effective.

It’s also easy to get people to invest in your businesses, because there is a written outline of how your business runs. In fact, down the road if you’d like, you can sell your business, and either retire, or invest in another one! Either way, having clearly written business process opens your business up to more opportunity and possibilities.

4. It just keeps getting better

As you continue to gain knowledge, wisdom and expertise; you will continually add to the list, refine it, polish it, refine it, and make it better.

I hope that this has helped to:

  • Identify processes within your business
  • Equip you to record your business’ processes
  • Understand the importance of this recording

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