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Bleeding from the Fingertips

Sometimes when I read about people’s lives on blogs, I get invested. Especially the blogs that are mostly anonymous – in that they write about their lives and experiences using a nom de plume {i bet you didn’t think that I knew any fancy schmancy words}.

When I like a blog, I binge read. I dig through the archives and send links to my friends. Blogs like these draw me in and keep me there. Since the writers are anonymous, they are honest and their writing is raw. It’s naked and all out there for everybody to see. It’s almost as if the writer is bearing their soul; and as a result, my soul gets drawn in.

I’m currently reading a blog by a woman in the U.S. who is/ has been having problems in her marriage. This is a situation with which I cannot personally relate, but the way she writes is so raw and open that I want to hold her in my arms, give her a hug and tell her that everything is going to be alright…somehow – because, what else can you tell somebody who is struggling? Reading her blog is probably not doing any favours to the issues that I have with commitment :-/, but I love her writing soooo much!

Words reach out across continents, seas, worlds… They cut across race, age, complexion, gender… Words tell stories. They tell your story, and they help you to process your own story while you are telling it. (Click to Tweet this thought)

Writing Quote2What is your story? That thing you wish you could talk about to a complete stranger? What is that thing about which you are fierce? What are you passionate about? What frustrates you? What makes you want to scream? What gives you joy? What puts a random, sub-conscious smile on your face? What do you long for? What do you wish for? What is the last thing you think about before you drift off to sleep? The first thing you think about as the world around you begins to stir awake?

Tell your story. Write it. Share it.

And in the comments below, post a link to your favourite blog(s). I love the excitement of discovering somebody else’s writing! And yes, I will binge-read All. Of. The. Things. 🙂

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