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Do you Care what they Think?…Should you?

Man JugglingIn the course of running your business, you’ve found that there tends to be a lot on your plate. Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to oversee supplies, ensure that deliveries are done properly and in time, make sure that your accounts are in order and that all is well between you and the taxman, market your business and reach out to new clients…the list can go on and on. Sometimes, things fall through the cracks; not because you aren’t paying attention, but because there are simply too many items on your to-do list! The one thing that you cannot afford to have falling through the cracks however, is perception.

Most people buy from your business, not because of what your business is, but what they perceive it to be. For instance, there are two butcheries near my place; I buy from one and not the other, because I perceive it to be clean, the guys there are friendly and wear white coats, and the lighting is good. This is the perception that I have of them.

Some business owners believe that they do not need websites or Social Media pages because they won’t bring them any money anyway.

Let’s explore that, shall we?

Most of us have a morning routine. It may not be chiseled in stone, but there are certain things that you do every morning as part of your preparation for the day. Part of this routine includes taking a shower, putting on deodorant and moisturizing; you probably also put on perfume or cologne, don a well-tailored suit or dress, and then top it all off with a pair of clean, complementary shoes.

Silhoutte Getty ImagesDoes this bring any money into your business? Not directly; but it certainly inspires every client you meet with that day to have confidence in you. When you do these things to get ready, and you’re standing in front of a prospective client, you stand a little taller, smile a little broader, relax your shoulders and are generally able to converse with ease, putting forth your pitch and knowing that, even though you do not walk away with a cheque that day, your business has benefitted from having one more valuable connection.

Would that still be the case if you hadn’t had a shower in the morning, or brushed your teeth, or if your hair was tousled and your shoes gaping at the front? Certainly not! You would be edgy and fidgety, and your lack of confidence would be very obvious to the people with whom you’re meeting. The chances that you would walk away with a cheque would be extremely slim!! Much like your website, you are a representation of your business; which is why you deliberately take time to present yourself as a person who knows how to manage yourself, your time, your projects and other resources.

Clients should perceive your business as existent, informative and resourceful. They need to trust that you know what you’re doing. Once this trust is established, they are then able to buy; maybe in a few weeks, a few months or a year. It may not necessarily be the kind of immediate, direct income that you’re looking for, but as it is in the case of looking good while attending a business meeting or networking event, when your client has a good impression of you and your business, that can only be good for you.

Here are some areas that could give potential clients a poor perception of your business:

  • A website that will not load
  • An outdated Facebook Page
  • An outdated Twitter Timeline
  • Social Media accounts with no profile pictures

Remember that most of the people who visit your website and Social Media pages do not know you. They are not invested in you or your business in any way and for this reason; unless you offer them something of value, they will not stick around, take a desired action or come back.

It is therefore essential that you invest time and resources into giving them value.

Don’t know where to start? Start here:

  1. Post fresh content on your Facebook and Twitter Pages, regularly.
  2. Keep the information on your website updated. This includes your logo, as well as your home, services, about and contact pages.
  3. Use other tools to stay in touch in touch with your clients and to engage with them. E.g. a blog and/ or newsletter.

This is the long game. This is how to create relationships with your market; and it is these relationships that translate into business growth and more income. If you have questions regarding this, click here to send me an email or to engage with ACE Writing on Social Media.


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