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Who in the World are you Talking to?!

You’re running a business and have made a commitment to provide your market with usable information that gives them value. You have decided to do this through Facebook, Twitter, your Newsletter, or your Blog. In other words, you have decided to use Content Marketing to attract clients and convert.

FacelessThe next question that you need to address, is: Who are you Targeting with this Strategy?

To be honest, even though ACE Writing has been running for years, I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around this question until recently. I used to come across it often while reading blog posts and newsletters; but even though I understood it on an intellectual level, it never quite hit home for me. This changed a couple of weeks ago, though. I recently began working on a gig with the e-commerce team, and as with most businesses, the team needed to discuss the target market and by connection, the target audience for all blog articles and Social Media posts. During the discussion, the team leader took a different approach from what I have experienced previously. Rather than shoot off a list of target-audience-qualities, they named one person; a public figure who is easy to identify. Once we had this public figure in mind, we were then challenged to enumerate that person’s qualities. And it all became so easy!

After years of trying to wrap my mind around the concept of a target market/ audience/ reader, it is this exercise that brought it home for me. I was finally able to understand how to identify my target market and audience; not just for my own content marketing efforts, but also for my clients.

Who Would you Like to Attract?

TargetingGive this person a face. It will be helpful for your content marketing strategy if you were to identify a specific person who you would like to attract to your business, your brand, or your product/ service. This going to give you clear direction when creating new posts for your Social Media platforms, blogs and newsletters. In addition, it is going to clarify your target audience, and make it easy to communicate this to your team.

Once you have your target person in mind, take some time and note down the following qualities about them:

  • What is their gender?
  • Approximately how old are they?
  • Where do they work? This can include their general field or, are they employed or in business?
  • What kind of words do they use to communicate?
  • What is their approximate income-range?
  • Do they have children?
  • How are they likely to spend their time, when they’re not at work?

The answers to these questions are important in enabling you to:

  1. Develop Social Media posts, blog articles and Newsletter issues that will address their specific needs.
  2. Write in a language that they are going to identify with and want to read more of. For instance, a professional in their mid-thirties is not going to be too impressed with Tweets that are riddled with sheng’.
  3. Determine the times during which they are likely to read your posts, and then serve information to them at that time.

When you regularly provide information to your target market, your goal is to generate interest in your business and build a community around your brand. Since you’re providing them with usable information, the community that you build is going to be one that trusts you and eventually, buys from you. Yes, I have included the word ‘eventually’ because it is a process; as is true with every relationship, when you’re building trust. 

Once you have built trust, you will have succeeded in not only generating interest and growing your brand but also, establishing relationships with people who are going to buy your product, come back and buy it again, tell their friends about how great your product is, and refer more business to you! How awesome is that?!! This! is Content Marketing.

In the ACE Newsletter that we’re sending out on the 10th and 20th of every month, we get into the nitty gritty of Content Marketing; with specific guides that you can implement in your business. If you haven’t already, sign up for the newsletter, here.

Also, if you’d like to hire us to take care of Social Media, blog posts and/ or newsletters on behalf of your business, send us a note here. We love mail!


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