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What is your Core Business?

0903 Blog FeaturedHave you ever walked into one of those shops that only sell one thing? A shop that only sells paper bags for instance; what is up with that?! The truth is, though, that when you walk into a shop that only sells paper bags, you automatically deduce that they are experts in everything related to paper bags. The same is not true for shops that sell everything. If a shop sells grains, paraffin, cosmetics, M-Pesa services, meat, and barber services; you pretty much deduce that they are not experts at any of these things.

This is important because whenever you have a need, you want the expert. You want high value for your money and will not mind paying more when you know that you’re getting the best. {Click to Tweet this thought}.

What Does this Mean for your Business?

It is important to narrow down your areas of expertise and put it all under one umbrella. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help:

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Step One

Write down all the products and services that you would like to offer. Note: all. Do not hold back. Clarifying your vision does not mean locking away some of the things that you’re passionate about.

Step Two

Consider what all these things have in common. For instance: 

  • Do they all require you to interact closely with people?
  • Are they all based in working with technology?
  • Are they all geared towards marketing businesses
  • Bringing joy to family and friends?
  • Making moments special?
  • Equipping entrepreneurs to be better at their businesses?

This is the big picture. This is the value that your offering. In my case for instance, I:

  • Blog for businesses
  • Post on Facebook and Twitter; on behalf of businesses
  • Provide copy for websites
  • Ghost-write books for business people
  • Sing 🙂

At first glance, the aspect that all these seem to have in common, is the fact that writing is involved. Look closely, though. For each of these services {with the exception of singing}, the goal is to help businesses to get their message to their clients; which will ultimately bring them more clients and grow their business. If then, my big-picture goal is to help business owners to grow their business, everything that I provide for my clients must be focused towards this goal. This includes:

Once you have established the core value that you provide, you are in a much better position to build a community of, not just clients, but brand advocates. People who will buy your product/service, talk about it, buy it again, and refer additional business to you.

How Do you Get There?

1. Provide Valuable Information

When you’re providing information to your market, do not go on and on about your product/service. It is tedious to your reader, and they are going to tune you out; much in the same way that you tune out the TV while you’re reading the newspaper. It becomes background noise. {Click to Tweet this thought}. They will scroll down their Facebook Timeline, see your post and skim right over it without reading. Why? Because they already know what you’re going to tell them! They know that, once again, you’re going to be talking about your product.

Instead, talk about the value that you’re providing. Break it down into bite-size pieces and create useful, informative posts that will add value to your clients. For instance, I am posting on Facebook, on behalf of a business called Raziela Throw Pillows. As you will notice on the Facebook Timeline, I have been posting, not about pillows, but about everything to do with interior decor and making your space better. The reason for this is, people who buy decorative throw pillows don’t necessarily do so because they like throw pillows in particular; they do it because they like living in a beautiful space. They like to be comfortable. They like to spend time in surroundings that they enjoy. As such, any information that I provide in this area is useful to them. Every week therefore, I pick an area in the house and provide tips on how to style it, decorate it and make it better.

2. Make Yourself Accessible

When I first started out as a freelance writer, one of my first goals was to make myself Google’able. I knew that even after meeting with clients, they would still go ahead and Google me; to find out whether I’m legit and to get more information about me.

Make it easy for your clients to reach you. Don’t make them jump through hoops. The more information your client has about you, the easier it is for them to make a decision. It’s kind of like Internet dating. If a dating profile only has a face and an age, you don’t want to contact them because you don’t trust them. You want to have more details before making the decision to contact them. Details like: Do they have children? What kind of music do they like? Have they ever been married? Do they have pets? Have they posted more than one picture of themselves on the profile? The more information you are able to access about a product, service or business, the easier it is to trust them and eventually, buy.

Some pointers to put in place:

  1. A well-done, personalised Facebook Business Page
  2. An active, personalised Twitter Page
  3. An up-to-date website with the ‘Contact’ button/page prominently displayed
  4. An email address posted on your website. Even when you have a ‘Contact’ form, it is important to also give an email address. Give your client the option of emailing you directly.

Over the next two weeks:

Take some time apart from your ordinary schedule. Sit down with a notebook and a pen; and go through Steps One and Two above. For Step One, it might seem overwhelming to have all your passions and interests coming out through your fingertips at seemingly the same time; but be patient and thorough. Once you have it all out, move on to the next step and see what all those things have in common.

If you need a sounding board, send me an email. You may also sign up for your free twice-monthly guide here


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