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Client-ize Yourself!

I know what you’re thinking; you’re thinking that client-ize is not a word. But it absolutely should be! Here’s why:

For the Social Media Management and Blogging services that I provide, my ideal client is the business owner who doesn’t have time to:

  • Post on their social media accounts
  • Update their LinkedIn profiles
  • Send out regular newsletters to their subscribers
  • Add fresh articles to their blog
  • Refresh the articles on their websites and keep it relevant

Funny story though, I’ve become that guy. I’ve become my ideal client; engrossed in writing, creating content and posting for the businesses that are my customers; and not doing as much for my own blog, newsletter and social media pages. Too busy for myself :-/.

Help your Business

As I was pondering this, I had a Eureka! moment. I realized that I need to put myself in the equation. I need to see my business as I would ordinarily see that of a client. I need to take note of and address the gaps that I see in my blog and Social Media accounts; and to add my own newsletter to my editorial calendar too!

If you’ve been in a situation like this, this is where the notion of client-izing yourself comes in. Stand up and be counted by your own business!

  • If you’re a masseuse, get a massage
  • If you’re a business consultant, map out a plan for your business; the kick-ass kind of which you map out for your clients
  • If you’re a psychologist, take time to guard and nourish your psychological wellness
  • If you’re an advertising professional, invest time and resources into advertising your own business
  • If you’re a business manager, hone those skills!

Of Note:

  1. Experience your business as you would if you were a client. You’ll see things that you probably wouldn’t notice otherwise. {Click to Tweet!}
  2. Set time apart. Being deliberate about it is an active investment in yourself, your business, and your growth.
  3. Be a beneficiary of your skill. The fact that you’re offering that product/service means that you think it’s pretty darn good! So use it!
  4. Whenever you market your business, you’re reaching out to somebody and calling on them to experience something exceptional, something amazing. So, start with you!

To kick off this Client-ize Yourself Movement, I am re-branding and re-purposing the ACE Newsletter. It shall now be geared towards providing tips that will help you to grow your business; ranging from online marketing and social media management, to narrowing down your focus and giving your customers what they want.

We’ll cover a single topic every month, in order to give you time to implement the steps that we’ll have discussed. I know, exciting times! If you haven’t already, post your email address here, and we’ll deliver these guides and tutorials into your inbox every month. See you on the other side!


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