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On Action, Inaction, and the Stuff in between

There comes a time in every person’s life when you need to take action. A time when reading about things and talking about them, isn’t enough. When the desire to do something is like an itch that you cannot quite scratch, creating an unease that will not go to sleep. A time when it feels like any minute that you are not taking action, is a minute that a force is holding you back; with you straining against the leash like a wolf manically trying to free himself from restraints.

And then there are the other moments; when you just want to turn the TV on, throw your hand in your pants (Lyrics: Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song). Or a stretch of time during which you are gathering information; doing your research before you come to a decision on the action that you’re going to take. This period is quieter, introspective even. Like the surface of a calm sea – still, undisturbed. If the formerly mentioned period is hard rock, this period is jazz. Purposeful, unrushed. You want to sit down and curl your legs up under you. Maybe even enjoy a glass of wine.

Where Wisdom at?

Many people have defined wisdom in many ways. I however, think that a big aspect that’s incorporated within the quality of wisdom, is the ability to distinguish between when to take action and when to sit still. To realize the distinction between learning, and procrastinating by gathering more information, when you actually have everything that you need to get started.

It is not a science, this. It is not an art either. It is just…wisdom. The wisdom to determine whether to jump on that opportunity that has been presented to you, or to hold off for the one that you really want. The wisdom to distinguish between waiting for that opportunity that is just for you, and just…folly. The wisdom to listen to advice, and to also understand that people give you advice based on their own experience and as such, you need to listen but blaze your own trail. The wisdom to understand that you are your own person, and that you need to be yourself because everyone else is taken. (Paraphrased: Joyce Meyer Ministries)

The Bible teaches that wisdom comes from God. That the Holy Spirit lives within us and instructs us in all things. I believe that. I believe that God guides our spirits through the Holy Spirit. Perhaps His instruction is that thing that we sometimes refer to as intuition. That prompting that tells you that yes, it is now a time to act. And at other times it says nope, you need to sit down and let God sort things out before you can step into it. Does believing this make it any easier to sit down and take no action when feel like I’m straining against my “restraints”. Nope, it really doesn’t. It does however, give me an assurance that God has got my back, and that He’s got me, even when I make a mess of things. Even when I act prematurely or sit on my arse when He wants me to move, He’s got me, and everything is under His control. So I don’t feel condemned when I don’t get things right. I don’t feel like all is lost. I may sit on the floor for a few hours or curl up in the fetal position for a bit, but even through whatever seemingly dark period it is, I know that God’s got me.

Blessed assurance indeed.

Meanwhile, if you have a story within you that you’d like to get outside of you 🙂 read this.


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