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I am a Writer

The first article that I ever wrote paid $1. And no, the fact that I live in Kenya doesn’t mean that $1 is a fortune; a dollar is a dollar. I didn’t know any better, so I did that for while. Back-breaking work, no doubt.

There are times, even now four years on, when I am not sure that I can do this…be a full-time writer. And then I remember where I have come from; grown from a writer who gets $1 per article, to one who is paid > or = $42 for an article.

When times are particularly difficult and I feel like I have been marking time for four years, I pause and think about where I have come from. See, it is very easy to be so preoccupied with where we would like to be, that we lose sight of how far we have come and how much we have grown. When that happens to you, may this quote come to mind:

“Some days it is best to remember who you are, not where you’re going”. ~Source Unknown

I am a writer.


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