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The Passion, The Fire

I have found that when I am working on a client’s project, I dive head-long. I get emotionally invested. I want to not only write the blog post, but provide insight on the site. I want to change the generic header on the blog and in its place, put a personalized one. I want ALL.THE.THINGS! And this actually poses a problem sometimes because in some cases, the client really does not have a problem with the generic picture, they have no interest in customizing their site *sigh*. So I have to rein it in and get a handle on myself.


It’s a good thing. Passion is the fire that burns in you, prompting you to rise, jump higher, soar, do things that you never thought possible.

There is a flip side though.

Fire, if left unchecked, will burn. Your passion can burn you or your client if you are not able to contain it. For instance, much as I would want to, I cannot physically shake my clients in order to make them realize how much better it would be for their brand, if their blog was splashed with images that are unique to them. That would be burning.  I can however, write about it on this blog or in my newsletter, describing why branding is important, and what it can do for the growth of your business.


Find an outlet for your passion. A sustainable outlet that will enable you to provide your market with value; without causing frustration either to yourself or your clients. For me, blogging works perfectly. What is your outlet? Share with me. Meanwhile, if you would like somebody to emotionally invest in your project, I’m your girl.

That is all.



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