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Of Social Media and Shorthand Communication

I find SMS-shorthand irritating. Especially when it is not even short! For instance, I got a text once that read ‘owkae’. After staring at it for 15 minutes, trying to infer from context, I finally deciphered that it means ‘okay’. Seriously! Why?!

For Whom is your Message Intended?

As with most things, my reaction to SMS-shorthand depends on with whom I am communicating. For instance, if my mom texted me in shorthand it wouldn’t rile me up. I probably wouldn’t even notice. But if a company is sending me a text about a new product or service that they are offering, then their text had better be well thought-out and well written. I am speaking as your market here, trust me…you’re welcome.

When I mention SMS shorthand, I’m referring to examples such as:

  • ur – you’re (or your?)
  • ua *cringe* – your (?)
  • plz – please (why?)
  • Thnx – Thanks

Even on Social Media, shorthand is unlikely to be well received by your market. Based on your communication, clients will develop a picture of who you are. It’s all about perception.

Action Steps

I. When a client leaves a message on your Facebook Page, do not respond in shorthand; even if their message was written in shorthand.

II. Resist the urge to tweet in shorthand. If your tweet is too long, revise it. Eliminate a phrase or an entire word, as opposed to deleting just a few letters from some words.

III. Write, post and comment in full, well-structured sentences because:

  1. It communicates professionalism.
  2. It shows that you have thought about your communication and have not done it on a whim.
  3. It demonstrates that you care enough about your market to take time; crafting a message for them.

So take the time to come up with content that your market will gobble up. Yeah, you heard me. As an entrepreneur, you don’t just want your content to be eaten up. If you’re anything like me, you want your clients to feast…and come back for more!

If you would like to have a chat about how to come up with such content and engage your fans more interactively on Social Media, connect with me here. If you haven’t already, sign up here for your free Weekly Newsletter titled “Speak to your Market”. Issue #001 goes out on Friday, 6th June and you do not want to miss it.

I’d also love to hear about your wins. In the ‘Comments’ section below, please share some of the successes that you have experienced with regard to Social Media and your business. Be an inspiration; encourage other entrepreneurs and professionals.


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