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What Drives You?

Sometimes an article will pour out me. Like an itch that I can’t help but scratch. I feel saturated, like I need to  get the article out of my system. Writing such a piece leaves me unburdened, light, sated.

These are the kinds of articles that take shape while I am writing. There is no planning, no pre-conceived goal, just a piece unravelling at my fingertips. These are also my favourite pieces because they flow with such ease and it reminds me why I do this; I am passionate about it.

What About You?

What comes easily to you? What are you passionate about?

Visibility plays a huge role in marketing, and marketing hinges on communication. But what? What is it that you need to communicate to your market to translate into more business for you?

Your Passion. That is all.

Your market will sniff out a phony a mile away. So be authentic. When I speak with potential clients for Online Visibility Services, my primary endeavour is to find out why they do what they do. What drives them? What are they passionate about?

This is what I want to communicate to their market. When you dicover the BIG picture behind what you do, you are believable. Your marketing is believable.

You solve problems. which in turn means that you provide value.

Your providing value draws in your market, translating into more sales and growth for your business. It’s a cool, self-sustaining cycle.

I’d love to hear what you are passionate about. Tell the world! Tell me.


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