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Market and Keep in Touch

Being a Freelance Writer is not easy. Neither is being an entrepreneur. Being on my own is often very scary and frustrating, especially when I have just come from a client meeting for which the potential client made me wait and waaaaaiiit and then given me 3 minutes of meet time. For a scheduled meeting no less! Grrrrr!!!! Yes, frustrating.

As an entrepreneur, there’s no structure but that which you create, no safety net if you are not able to execute your somersaults to perfection. It is all you.

And then there is the flip side of the coin. For me, the greatest gift that entrepreneurship has given me is the ability to be all of myself. The fact that there is no structure but that which I set myself, means that I can bring all of my idiosyncrasies into the mix and package it into something that will solve a problem for somebody. 

It is also great for me to watch myself evolve. What I did two years ago is not what I do now. My package has evolved based on what clients are asking me to do, my style of writing is different….Growth.

I like growth. Which is why I read. I am a glutton for information and take it in gulps. As a result, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. For instance, there are so many ideas and strategies out there…all of them good ideas, but sometimes it feels like a little much. It feels like there is altogether too much you need to do in order to succeed in business. 

One area in which this is highly prevalent, is in Marketing Strategies. There are hundreds and each of them sounds like a good one to implement. So how do you pick and choose which one to go with? For Online Visibility, it is recommended that you use a maximum of 3 marketing strategies. My three favourite ones are:

  • A Blog for your Business
  • Social Media
  • A Newletter

Social Media can also be a tad overwhelming, so just pick the top two that work best for you. For me, these are Facebook and Twitter. I have started to dip my toe into the Pinterest pool and will probably delve more into it as I get a better hang of it.

The Newsletter is awesome! It is a great tool  for keeping in touch with your mailing list and consistently providing value to them, consequently keeping you fresh on their minds. I’m using MailChimp for mine and enjoying it so far :-D. I have named it ‘Speak to your Market’, because that is what I help businesses to do. Sign up here.

If you have any questions on how to get your products or services to be more visible Online, ask me and I will give you a consult. It’s free because…value 🙂


Providing businesses with Social Media Help through Training, Step-by-Step Guides and Hands-on Social Media Management.

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