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Setting Goals as an SEO Writer

There are many mistakes that one can make during the course of being a freelance SEO writer, but there is only one mistake one can make before venturing into it. That mistake is: failing to set goals. Writers are creatives and creatives are in general, passionate people. We’re passionate about what we do but without a definite goal, this passion turns into a fire that can consume us. Goals therefore act as solid ground; a tangible element in the world of the dreamer. (tweet this)

Of Dreaming and (lack of) Direction

Author Judy Smith is quoted as saying, “The difference between a dreamer and someone with ambition is a plan of action”.AmbitionIn this, I can finally see things from my dad’s point of view. I can see that he has not been against my choice to write as a career, but perplexed by my seeming lack of direction. Passion without direction is haphazard and busy. And busy is not equal to productive. I have been busy for years, but I have not been very productive. That nonsense ends today.

So today, I’m up at midnight with a mug of coffee, setting goals. It is both exciting and duanting because I have not done this before. As I set my goals, I’m also reading from SEO writers who have already succeeded in this field before me. One of the things that speaks to my situation most profoundly is by Carol Tice of How to Make a Living Writing, “The more desperate you are, the less you make”. Oh, how true this is! As a desperate SEO writer, you grab on to any project that comes your way in order to make a few bucks that will hopefully add up to meet day-to-day needs. You end up loathing writing, the very thing that you love so much! *paradox

The Big Picture

So now, I need to regroup. To take a step back and look at the big picture as opposed to looking at how to stay busy and afloat. I have found that ‘making money’ is not a good goal for me because as an SEO writer, you can make money running around, doing many projects for very little. So I’m revising this and will post my revised goals here once I’m done compiling the list 🙂

Goals Career

In Retrospect

What would I do differently? Nothing. Not because my journey has been perfect, but because I did not know then what I know now. But to the aspiring SEO writer I would say:

  1. Have a plan. Develop goals.
  2. Productive and profitable freelance writing does not happen over-night. Plan for this i.e. don’t quit your job without savings to get you through the initial months.
  3. Read, learn from and follow SEO writers who have gone before you.
  4. Read every day. Grow every day. Your clients are counting on the fact that you know what you are doing. (tweet this)
  5. Grow your portfolio. Make plans about where and who to write for to build your portfolio; even pro bono.

Links that are currently open on my browser as I set my goals:

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