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Gleanings from our Time Apart

I’ve been away from a while. It has been a period of learning, growth and a little introspection; because well, one can’t really take time away and not introspect 😉 . It isn’t as deep as it sounds :-/ but it has been immensely good for me…I strongly recommend it 🙂 . During this time, I have learnt a number of things about me and the world around me, and have found that these lessons are beneficial to me both in business and in life. Here are the top 10:

1. Authenticity. The importance and beauty of being myself, as opposed to making adjustments (however subtle) to suit circumstances.

2. Being honest and communicating clearly saves me a whole lot of time, in addition to giving me much needed peace of mind.

3. That I take myself waaay to seriously!


4. I don’t have to have all the answers in order to be beneficial to my clients. Instead, we can work together from that which I know.

5. Never to under-estimate myself.

6. That I can marshal my strengths and also leverage my weaknesses to get the job done (whatever the job is 🙂 ).

7. It is alright to have limitations. An attempt towards perfection is exhausting and the path fraught with self-condemnation.

8. That I work best when I have an action plan; when I have a tangible project on which to work.

9. I become severely unmotivated and have very low energy when working on a project that under-pays 😦 .

10. That I absolutely DO NOT have to work on any project that underpays 🙂 .

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