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The Essential Key to Growing your Business

Information. That’s it. Information is the reason that you shop at the supermarket at which you do and it is also the reason that you buy meat where you do. Whether you are selling a product or service, the only way to grow your business is by growing your client base, and the only way to do so is by getting the right information to your market!


You may have the best product, the best customer care, competitive pricing and the best premises for a business; but if your market does not know that you provide all these things, your business is not going to make as much profit as it has the potential to.

What kind of information do you need to get out to your market?
• Details about the products and services that you are offering.
• The edge that you have over other businesses in the same niche. What makes you different and sets you apart from them?

-> It could be location, a better price package, ambiance, high-quality, customer care and so on.

Blog Writing as a Means of Distributing Information
A business blog is one of the most effective ways of informing your market and keeping them updated. Here’s why:informing 3

  1. It boosts your brand awareness by providing an opportunity to ‘talk’ as much about your business as you would like; to thousands of potential clients.         
  2. Blogs have a newsletter option to which your potential clients may subscribe and receive updates from your business on a regular basis.
  3. The blog newsletter also provides a means through which to keep in touch with your existing clientele.
  4. Regular blog posts that are informative, insightful and helpful help to establish you as a thought-leader within your industry. E.g. If your business is a garage, you may post articles such as:
  • Tips for properly maintaining your tires.
  • How to efficiently clean stains off your windshield.
  • How to care for your car’s upholstery.

This kind of informative content demonstrates that you are an authority in your industry and that your clients are in good hands when they choose to do business with you.

At ACE Writing Solutions, we are experts at setting up blogs from scratch, and writing blog posts on behalf of businesses. Fill this contact form to let us know what information would boost your sales if you could get it out to your market. And if you are not really sure yet, we shall figure it out together 🙂 .


Providing businesses with Social Media Help through Training, Step-by-Step Guides and Hands-on Social Media Management.

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