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The Basics of Conducting Business

The 4 Most Essential Steps in every Business Interaction

Step One: Initial Contact

This may happen in a number of different forms.

  • Walk-in business: This is where the prospective client already has a need for your services e.g. when a person looking to buy shoes walks into a shop that sells shoes.
  • Referral: The prospective client has been referred to your business by a third party who knows that you are in a position to meet the prospective client’s needs.
  • phone callsTelephone Calls or Emails from prospective clients who have found you in the directory, on the internet and so on.
  • You reaching out to prospective clients through one-on-one calls, emails and other messaging.

At this stage, these are all prospective clients. They are still looking around and it is possible for them to walk out just as easily if they perceive that their needs shall not be met.

Step Two: Wooing


This is where you portray yourself to the client as the solution to their need. The wooing stage is super-charged and exciting because this is where the sparks start flying and the relationship is established. It is not about positioning yourself as the solution. You are already the solution and your role here is merely to reveal that fact.

Step Three: The Call-to-Action

Once you have established that you are well able and willing to meet your prospective client’s need, make a call to action. Your call-to-action depends on the nature of your business and may be a call to buy, sign up, hire you, etc.

Step Four: The Keep in Touch Strategy

This is the most important and long-term step when conducting business. It is relevant and essential regardless of whether or not the client buys or signs up immediately.

It is always easier to keep the clients who you already have, than it is to get new ones.

What does a Good Keep-in-Touch Strategy do?

  • Helps to ensure loyalty and consequently, repeat business. The next time the client has the same or a similar need, they will automatically think of you.
  • Helps to establish you as an expert in your field. By consistently furnishing the client with relevant information, they recognize you as an expert and the go-to authority in your industry/ field.
  • Your clients become advocates for you in letting other people know about your business.

word of mouth

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