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Are your Readers Staying?

As a general rule of thumb, if it bores you to write, it is more than likely going to bore your clients to read. Bored ColourThis is true regardless of the topic. Any topic can be fun to read about, just as any topic can be incredible boring. It all depends on delivery. One of the most important qualities of good writing is that it is easy to read until the end. The truth is that, the fact that you have a blog or site does not necessarily mean that visitors are staying long enough to find out what you have to say, or what services you have to offer. Generally speaking, you want readers to extend their visits to your site and blog in order to more effectively translate them into clients. Here’s how:

1. Write Technical Articles without Being Overly-Technical

Recently, I was writing an article about sales metrics (yeah I know, even the title sounds boring). As I was conducting research on the topic, I wrote about 100 words in easy flow, and then I started getting bored and consequently, boring. The remedy? I had to stop writing in order to refresh and consequently, get a fresh perspective.

Fresh Perspective

Even when your business is highly technical, it is important to keep in mind that your readers/ clients are not. For instance, if your business is that of a garage mechanic, your clients do not necessarily need to know that you can repair their car by doing X, Y, Z. Their main interest is the fact that you can repair their car and get them back on the road. For highly technical subjects therefore, it helps to remove yourself from the picture and put yourself in your readers’ shoes.

2. Know your Audience

Yes, it is a cliché because it is true. For an article to resonate with your readers, it is important for you to know whom you are addressing. For instance, if you have recently opened a high-end hotel within the city, your readers will probably consist mainly of people who enjoy eating out and are looking for a way to diversify their experience, as well as people who travel often and therefore need to stay at hotels frequently.

Generally speaking, your audience mainly consists of your ideal clientele and “just because they are not your clients today does not mean that they shall not be your clients tomorrow, next month, or next year”1. (Tweet this thought)

3. Write this way, for Industry Specialists

There are a number of sites that consist of information which is specially written for industry specialists. This is where for example; a veterinarian writes articles that specifically address other veterinarians. For these articles, it is acceptable to use industry-specific jargon that only they can understand. This is specific to these kinds of articles because the language will automatically drive the layperson away.

4. Proofread


Proofreading cannot be emphasized enough. Some of the things that can potentially drive readers away from your site can easily be resolved by a spell check. (Tweet this Thought)

Imagin vistng a site for informashon and encountring speling eras, apaling grammar an complte sentances that make absolutly no sens!

It is irritating, isn’t it? Not to mention tedious to read! How long would you have stuck around if I had written the entire article as above?

I can work with you to encourage readers to invest time into reading the content on your website and/ or blog. Contact me.

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1 Paraphrased quote by June Gathoni of the SME Resource Centre.


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