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What is your Website saying about your Business?

More often than not, your website or blog is the first contact that your clients are going to have with your business. It lets your clients and potential investors know what your business is about, in addition to providing an insight into who you are. Since your website is speaking for you, it is important to ensure that it is saying the right things and not telling tall tales about you and your business (Tweet this thought). Here are a number of things that may be misrepresenting your business:

          1.    An out-of-date blog

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More and more business people are integrating blogs into their websites. This is because a blog provides a great platform on which to interact one on one with clients and other stakeholders who may be interested in the business. However, for a blog to serve its purpose in facilitating the networking process, fresh articles need to be posted on it regularly. The frequency depends on the business owner’s preference; with most effective blogs being updated weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

          2.    Over – selling


In as much as people want to buy (and we do), they do not like to be sold (Tweet this Thought) 1. Unless the nature of your business is like that of Olx or Bid or Buy, people do not visit your site/ blog to buy. Rather, they are there to access information and content that will benefit their lives. If all (or most) of the content on your site or blog is posted with the sole purpose of selling, readers feel as though your products or services are being shoved down their throats. Consequently, they unlikely to stick around long enough to even find out what your business is about.

          3.    A link to a site that is “down”

Whenever I take any interest in a business, I always want to check out their website to learn more about them. Recently, I went into a coffee shop which in my eyes, can do no wrong when it comes to their Red Velvet Cake. I saw their web address posted across the shop’s wall and the first thing I did when I got home was to check out their website. A few clicks later, I was delighted to find out that in addition to their delightful Red Velvet cake, they also offered catering services and had a wide variety of cookies whose pictures just made me want to go back and buy a batch! *bliss* All this information was available to me without any hassle.

We are generally a curious people, which is why we use Google a lot! Your clients are find information in the same way.

The website that I’ve described above was inviting, useful and loaded with information. As a result, I became a regular customer, and referred people to them! What would have happened if they did not make that information accessible? I would have probably gone back for the red velvet cake, but I wouldn’t have known about all the other goodies they made, or their catering services. If their website had been “down” after having posted their web address across the wall, I’d have felt like they had wasted my time.

It is one thing not to have a site or blog altogether, but it is quite another to have a link printed on your business cards, which leads to a page that reads “The site you are trying to connect to has been shut down”. That is actually more annoying to the person browsing for information on your website. If your site is down for one reason or other, get the link off your business cards while the matter gets sorted.

What about you? What is the most memorable experience you’ve had with a business’ website? Share in the comments’ section below.

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1. Paraphrased quote by James Karundu: Business Coach.


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