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Not your Erotic, Not your Exotic

Not Your Erotic, Not Your Exotic ~by Suheir Hammad

Don’t wanna be your exotic
Like some dark, fragile, colorful bird
Imprisoned, caged
In a land foreign to the stretch of her wings.

Don’t wanna be your exotic
Women everywhere look just like me
Some taller, darker, nicer than me
but like me just the same.
Women everywhere carry my nose on their faces,
my name on their spirits

Don’t seduce yourself with my otherness
My hair wasn’t put on top of my head
to entice you into some mysterious black voodoo.
The beat of my lashes against each other
ain’t some dark, desert beat.
It’s just a blink…get over it.

Don’t build around me your fetish, fantasy,
Your lustful profanity to cage me in, clip my wings.
Don’t wanna be your exotic.

Your lovin’ of my beauty
ain’t more than funky fornication, plain pink perversion
In fact, nasty necrophilia.
Because my beauty is dead to you
I am dead to you.
Not your
harem girl, geisha doll, banana picker
pom pom girl, pumpum short coffee maker
town whore, belly dancer, private dancer
la malinche,Venus hottentot, laundry girl
your immaculate vessel, emasculating princess.

Don’t wanna be
Not your erotic
Not your exotic.

Watch Suheir Hammad performing it here.


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