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3 Tips on How to Write a Top-Notch Article

Writing a Top-Notch Article

As writers, we are only as good as our work. It is for this reason that every article we write needs to be top-notch and surpass our clients’ expectations. These tips are by no means exhaustive, but they do give us a place to start 🙂

1. Take your Time

For writers who are starting out, everything seems to be of the utmost urgency. There is a feeling that if we do not get things done at the speed of light, we may lose clients. This is true in many cases, but every writer needs to set their own bar.

For instance, if on average, you are only able to write one great article in 3 hours and you get a client who needs a top-notch article churned out every hour, then that is definitely not the project for you at that time. Even if you were able by some miracle, to complete the project in that time, you would not be satisfied with the end result, which in turn means that your client would not be satisfied either. In trying to get everything done at once, you will have in essence, lost a client and all the other potential clients that he may have referred to you.

I know we are supposed to work on breaking free of our limits, but don’t try to break them all at the same time. It will cost you.

2. Do not pick complete paragraphs and sentences from your sources.

It is important for your client that what you present to him/her be a top-notch article and this includes originality. As we have already seen, that which is important to your client is also important to you as a writer. When researching for an article, especially for a niche in which you do not have much information yourself, ensure that you do extensive reading from a number of different sites.

My goal when doing research is to understand the content so well that I would be able to explain the subject to a 10-year-old; only then am I able to confidently write a top-notch article on the subject in my own words. Where you are unable to explain it in different words without changing the meaning of the article, use a thesaurus. As a writer, the thesaurus is one of my closest friends and I have come to greatly appreciate the power of synonyms! A good source is Register and use it! Third and most important…


3. Proofread

Many writers scoff at the implication that they need to proofread their articles and rectify errors. I know I did. Until one client sent my articles back and asked me to proofread them and when I did, I was appalled! Not only was there a grammatical error, there was a bunch of sentences that were unnecessary and others which I could have constructed better.  While proof-reading, look out for errors in spelling and grammar; as well as repetition in phrases, sentences and paragraphs.  Read it and make every adjustment necessary to complete that transition to a top-notch article and ensure that if your name was put beside that article, your first impulse would not be to hide under a rock. 🙂


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